The State of the Environment: HAWAI‘I 2017

Successfully back home after three years sailing around island earth, the voyaging canoe Hokulea emboldens us to transform her inspiration into action for the betterment of Hawaii’s environment and the sustainability of her resources and people. We are all stewards and navigators of our environment, grounded in our shared existence, guided by the wisdom of those that came before us, and driven by the knowledge we continue to build.

One of the strongest platforms of collective knowledge we have today is the State of Hawaii’s Aloha+ Dashboard which actively and continually tracks our progress towards six sustainability goals for the State. Each year, he lono moku uses this platform to highlight and share progress on a variety of environmental topics. This issue shares our advances in invasive species control, local food production, and green workforce development. It celebrates our accomplishments and those leaders—in office and within our communities—that have championed them. And it keeps us honest where our efforts have fallen short.

Hokulea’s Malama Honua — to care for our earth — is both voyage and mission. It is also a clarion call for us in a time when we are forced to acknowledge that the immense environmental issues facing the world are upon Hawai‘i. “He waa he moku, he moku he waa,” the canoe is an island, the island is a canoe. In light of escalating climate change—environmental and political—in these uncertain times, and shrinking resources in the face of increasing demand, Malama Honua gives voice to the understanding that, amidst a great expanse of ocean, Hawaii itself is a canoe upon which we sail together, to which we are wholly dependent. With these reports, the Hawaii Environmental Funders Group joins this community in our shared voyage to reach islands that can sustain us.

* * *

The name he lono moku, which means "an island(s) update/report," was graciously recommended to the Environmental Funders Group by Dr. Puakea Nogelmeier.